"There is much matter to be heard and learn'd."

- As You Like It, Act V, scene 4


Emily Davis has changed the way that I think about theater and its possibilities in the classroom and on the stage. I find her work as a writer, director, performer and teacher enormously creative, inspiring and inclusive. Knowing her has made me a better teacher and engaged me at a deeper intellectual level as an artist.

Emily’s ideas and lessons always demonstrate her deep understanding of a wide range of artistic works and approaches. From her I have learned to honor my artistic instincts, to challenge my assumptions about theatre and most importantly, to bring my artistic point of view to my teaching.

-Heather Lester, NYC Public School Teacher


Emily’s passion and skill, not only as a drama educator, but also a mentor and professional are exemplary. In my 5 years of teaching (with 2 years as a drama educator myself), there have been few occasions where you meet someone who has that magic that sparks creativity in others; Ms. Davis possesses that insight and enthusiasm. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her.    – Nasrin Gilbert


Emily Davis is a rare find. As a teaching artist, Emily is able to take the words of Shakespeare, and have them understood and appreciated by students.  She brings life and energy to a classroom and students would look forward to her visits. Emily has also been helpful to me when I needed a new approach or spin to a lesson. She listens well and is able to offer incredible insight.

– Wendy Halm-Violette, former NYC Public School Teacher, current Education Consultant