Who (and How) I can Help

Teachers: Need help creating Shakespeare curriculum? Generating new ideas or exercises? Struggling with how to integrate performance into your Shakespeare Teaching? Not quite sure what this play’s about yourself and you have to teach it tomorrow? I can help. I’ve advised many teachers on all of these things and we’ll find a solution.

Administrators: Need someone to teach some Professional Development? Performance based Shakespeare education training is useful for English teachers, of course, but many of the techniques can be adapted for other subject areas. Side note: Shakespeare is the ONLY author mentioned in the Common Core. He is the Common Core-i-est.

Actors/Directors/Designers and other Theatre Folk: Struggling with text? Struggling with the big picture? Struggling with how to translate this stuff to the stage? Whether it’s text analysis, coaching or a dramaturgical/directorial sounding board you need, my nearly 20 years in the world of Shakespeare will be of use to you.

Theatre and Film Companies: A study guide can help you reach out to teachers and educators. I’ve written study guides for stage and screen.

Groups: Through my work with young people and educators, I’ve seen first hand how the opportunity to work with Shakespeare’s words can be transformative. Any group of people, whatever their age or background, can stretch their minds and bodies with the Bard. Let me know what sort of group you are and I’ll tell you what I think a Shakespeare workshop can do for you.

Anyone: In this culture, we all make contact with Shakespeare at some point, whether we know it or not. Have questions about something Shakespearean? I can help.